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HL7 Integration & Interfaces

Experience seamless communication between EHRs, lab systems, and billing platforms with our expert HL7 interfaces & integration services. Harness the power of widely-used HL7 interface types such as ADT, ORM, ORU, and DFT to ensure efficient data exchange and enhanced interoperability among diverse healthcare systems, ultimately improving patient care and streamlining workflows.

Why HL7 Interfaces & Integration remain crucial for healthcare data Interoperability?

HL7 interfaces remain crucial for healthcare data interoperability, despite the rise of FHIR integrations. Their ongoing importance stems from their compatibility with legacy systems, widespread adoption in the healthcare industry, and suitability for specific use cases. By utilizing both HL7 interfaces and FHIR integrations, healthcare organizations can bridge the gap between old and new systems, gradually transitioning to FHIR while ensuring seamless data exchange and maximizing interoperability for improved patient care.

HL7®, and FHIR® are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International

Data InterOps HL7 Interface Services

Maximize healthcare interoperability with our specialized HL7 Interface Services, that span across ADT, SIU, ORM, ORU, DFT, MFN, QRY and others. Connect EHRs, LIS, and billing systems for improved patient care and efficient workflows, leveraging our expertise in HL7 standards.

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